Nov 18 2013

F123 Thanks Adobe for its Statement Supporting Ratification of the UN Convention by the US.

Thank you Adobe for this wonderful statement:

The F123 Team

Nov 11 2013

Announcement from Kanthari

This is a message for everyone interested in making the world a better place from an organization called Kanthari.

The F123 Team

To those, who are looking for a high level leadership course tailored for blind and sighted social change makers.Kanthari international is an inclusive leadership course for social entrepreneurs, change agents and social visionaries.
But wait a minute! Don’t you need vision to be a visionary?
When I became blind many years ago, I had a dream that one day the world would not connect blindness automatically with charity. I wished to be seen as a potential contributor and problem solver. At kanthari we are interested to incubate problem solvers, future leaders for ethical social change. And we are especially interested in empowering talented, creative and energetic blind and partially sighted visionaries who come up with innovative ideas that make the world an equal level playing field for the blind and the sighted.
In order to reach this goal we have developed a very practical, 7 month leadership program with a difference; one that is geared specifically towards personalities with big dreams and passion; people who have overcome adversity in their lives. People who want to help others in their struggles, or develop new solutions for our world problems.

We invite participants from all over the world, and with all levels of education to bring their dreams and motivation; International experts (catalysts) conduct hands-on, practical workshops to help bring those dreams to reality.

We are looking for the following categories of change agents:

Red: Advocates/social activists Red kantharis are firey, courageous, and resiliant. They fight for a world free from discrimination, negative attitudes or harmful norms. Their goal is to provoke a mindset shift in their communities through advocacy and mindset changing activities.

Green: Initiators kanthari initiators are innovative, persistent and passionate. They create ethical social change by starting grassroot projects with innovative approaches. Schools for marginalized, training centers for the blind, environmental projects are only some of many examples of initiatives that make the world a better place.

Orange: Entrepreneurs kanthari entrepreneurs are focused, determined and analytic. They use business as a tool for sustainable social change. The main goal is not to make profit, but to use business to find ways to create structures that benefit those who are usually left out. Yellow: Inventors kanthari inventors are logical, technical, and practical. They create new products, strategies or concepts for social change. They can be active in the areas of environment, computer technology, accessibility for people with disabilities, agriculture, education and many more. The goal of their invention is to improve the living conditions of marginalized groups or protect the environment.

Purple: Artists kanthari artists are creative, spicy, and interested in a major change. They use their creativity and art as a tool for making a difference. Musicians, painters, authors, film makers and many more provoke a positive mind set change through their work.

At kanthari there is no difference between blind and sighted participants. Everyone is equally treated and everyone works hand in hand. What counts is an ethical attitude towards people, life and work, a lot of energy and commitment to contribute to ones society and a vision, an innovative idea how to solve old and new problems. We are looking for those who have the strength to be forces of good, not victims of circumstance.

Do you want to be part of this highly creative network of kantharis, social visionaries from all over the world?
Please apply at

Pls note: Participants need to be 22 years of age or older. Nationality, religious or cultural background, socio-economic conditions or even educational background is of no consequence. The medium of learning is English, so a working knowledge of the language is essential. Basic computer skills are also required.

Application Deadline is the 15th of December 2013.
If you convince our kanthari team with your vision and your approach for positive social change you will be interviewed in several sessions by different experts. If selected to participate in the course, accommodation and training fee is covered entirely by scholarships from donors.
The next course will start in May 2014 so apply as soon as possible. For more information, please check <>

Dec 02 2012

The IDB’s Executive Vice President launches a new initiative to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the financial sector

In the closing session of FOROMIC held in Barbados on October 3, 2012; the Executive Vice President of the Inter-American Development Bank, Julie T. Katzman, launched a new international call for the Competitiveness and Innovation Division’s Innovation Lab.

The call, entitled “Inclusive Finance”, is funded by the Italian Cooperation and is supported by the beyondBanking, a program within the Financial Markets Division, and by the Multilateral Investment Fund. This is an initiative that enhances the IDB’s current efforts to promote the social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean. More information can be found at

“Inclusive Finance” seeks to promote a more inclusive financial sector for people with disabilities – not only as employees, but also as customers. Like the other Innovation Lab projects, “Inclusive Finance” is based on a methodology called “crowdsourcing”, a process whereby the general public responds to a call through the web page and generates the best solutions for inclusion of people with disabilities.  The deadline for submitting proposals is December 31, 2012.

The Innovation Lab (I-LAB) is a one-stop shop where people exchange challenges, ideas and solutions for different problems in Latin America and the Caribbean. Through the Innovation Lab’s networks, problems are converted into high impact innovations.

The current calls for the Innovation Lab are:
The call “I-LAB: Inclusion in Firms” is open to firms and public and private entities that can present innovative solutions for the labor inclusion of people with disabilities. Priority will be given to those proposals that have a focus on gender. The public will have the opportunity to vote on the proposals with the highest potential impact. Those proposals receiving the most votes will qualify for the second phase. In the second phase, a panel of experts will select the best proposal that may receive non-refundable financial support of up to $50,000 to jump start the implementation of the proposal. Applicants must register and submit their proposals online through the Innovation Lab’s website (

The call “I-LAB: Disruptive Ideas” is open to everybody (entities and individuals) and its objective is to identify ideas about how to break barriers that limit the labor inclusion of women and men with disabilities. Everybody can submit ideas and vote for those ideas that are the most innovative and that have the highest potential impact. The participants that submitted the ideas that receive the highest number of votes will be invited by the IDB to present their ideas discuss how to implement them in detail with members of the Innovation Lab. Participants must register and submit their ideas on line through the Innovation Lab’s website (

The call “I-LAB: Inclusive Finance” is open to public or private financial institutions and its objective is to support Latin American and Caribbean financial entities to design and implement innovative solutions for the inclusion of people with disabilities (as customers as well as employees) in the financial sector. The public will have the opportunity to vote on the proposals with the highest potential impact. Those proposals receiving the most votes will qualify for the second phase. In the second phase, a panel of experts will select the best proposal that may receive non-refundable financial support of up to $50,000 to jump start the implementation of the proposal. Applicants must register and submit their proposals online through the Innovation Lab’s website (

Proposals for all the calls should be submitted no later than December 31, 2012 (COB 6pm ET USA).

Oct 17 2012

Open-Source Software World Conference – 2012

On October 18 to 19, the third annual Open-Source Software World Conference 2012 (LSWC) will be held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The event, which will take place within the Cidade da Cultura de Galícia, has as its main objective the dissemination of free software as an alternative business, stimulating debate and exchange of information around this topic.

Projects and innovative solutions and proposals applicable to the enterprise industry will also be presented. On Oct. 19, Fernando Botelho, founder of F123, will present on the theme, “The Experience F123 and what we can learn about designing interfaces from aluminum production,” in a time when values of effectiveness and efficiency are particularly sought after, and for which open-source software represents a frame of reference.

Conferences and events are free and open to the public, reaffirming the philosophy of trade and improvement of knowledge that characterizes open-source software.


- Board of Galicia
- Agency for Technological Modernization of Galicia – AMTEGA
- Spanish National Centre for the Application of Information Technologies and Communications  based in Open Source– CENATIC

Oct 15 2012

Help F123 identify who needs our help!

If you know of an NGO, an individual, a school or any other entity that needs the F123 System, which will help educate and provide opportunities to someone with visual impairment, please visit our website and register.

You will be taking the first step towards helping a blind individual or an NGO have access to technology.

Oct 11 2012

A story to call our own.

The Generosity Project, which brings together all of the magazines and websites published by Editora Globo to present and highlight actions and examples of individuals and organizations that do good in Brazil, featured the history and development of F123 on its site

Click to learn more about the Generosity Project and the F123 System:

Oct 11 2012

Register and Empower!

F123 wants to know how many people with visual impairments there are in Brazil that need to use a computer but cannot, and is relying on your help.

Oct 11 2012

Register today to provide someone a better tomorrow.

The initiative “Register and Empower” aims to collect the largest possible number of names of individuals with visual impairments and NGOs dedicated to this community. The goal is to identify those who need the F123 software throughout Brazil.

Watch our video on our website to be part of this movement. Help F123 make the world a more democratic place!

Oct 10 2012

F123 volunteers were in Itapeva – SP

On September 29th the Accessibility Caravan was in Itapeva, São Paulo, where F123 volunteers had the opportunity to distribute brochures and to publicize Project F123.

The Inclusion, Accessibility and Citizenship Caravan aims to mobilize and educate the society to the need to consolidate inclusive public policies that address the rights of all persons with disabilities and that will benefit the whole population.

Click here to learn more about Caravan II Inclusion and accessibility and citizenship.
Click here to read the report of the Fourth International Conference on Technology and Innovation for People with Disabilities.

Oct 10 2012

F123 volunteer attended the InovaDay meeting.

The Planning Department of the State of São Paulo conducts monthly the InovaDay meeting, this month the event was held on the 28th and addressed the topic on Startup, where Augusto presented the F123 System for the managers of the state of São Paulo, besides distributing presentation and explanatory brochures about the project.

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