About Us

The F123 Group, formed by F123 Software and F123 Consulting*, designs innovative projects to expand access to technology and to provide professional low cost software and training for people who are blind or who have low vision.

F123 provides accessibility to individuals, NGOs, educational institutions, foundations, government agencies and international organizations, promoting job opportunities for and the use of technology by the visually impaired.

In 2009, the F123 Group, in partnership with the organization Mais Diferenças, founded the Educação Livre Project to support NGOs through technology and training geared towards improving the educational and professional opportunities for persons who are blind or who have low vision.

An informal sample taken in 2011 of graduates of the Educação Livre Project courses showed that 55% were employed; 6% were engaged in practical training in preparation for full-time employment; 12% were retired; and only 27% were unemployed. This was impressive considering the extremely high unemployment rates among people with visual impairment throughout Brazil and around the world.

The affordability and ease-of-use of high performance software distributed by the F123 initiative has had a remarkable social impact, benefiting not just blind persons in Brazil, but aiding the English-, Spanish-, and Portuguese-speaking visually impaired population in over 20 countries.

*F123 Consulting and F123 Software are based in Curitiba, Brazil